Monday, August 24, 2009

Fusion Potion

Another new updates of brand new clothings. All are made of very good quality and we really love each and every piece that are presented here. As you've noticed, we always try to bring the prices down so that all items are extremely affordable here. Hope you gals will like it. As always, do email me at if you see anything you like.

Bustier Design Roundy Tunic RM35
Lovely bustier design tunic in creative roundy design makes it a grab here. The earthy tone brown colour also makes this tunic extremely easily matchable. Made of cotton jersey material. Stretchable. Absolutely brand new. Fits UK6-UK10.

Dusty Pink Cotton Blouse RM39

Basic tunic in a shade of pink makes it such a darling. Wide round neckline makes this tunic so trendy and fashionable. Made of cotton material. Light and comfortable. Has 2 hidden pockets at the bottom. Buttons come in cute flowery design. Free size. Fits UK6-UK12.