Friday, November 19, 2010

Back In Time

Vintage is coming back BIG time! We have seen the blossoming of many vintage shops and many fashionistas are now spotted dressing in them. They are super stylish and the quality of these vintage goods are extremely good. The workmanship of these vintage pieces are excellent as compared to the clothes these days. They are sure to last a lifetime and will never go out of style. Get a few classic pieces of vintage wear and you will be suprised at how you can get dressed up in them.

NEW Vintage Blouse
New and never worn
Bought this blouse from Gossips Boutique in Bangsar. It is made of very good chiffon material. Button down front design with elastic gathers at the waist area. Wear it with a thin belt to complete the vintagey look. Vibrant colour-block motifs makes this blouse an extremely eye-catching piece to add in your closet.

As shown in Gossips Boutique website

**Above one picture credits to Gossips Boutique**

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